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South Central Jr-Sr High School Weekly Update 9/21/15

This Week in PLCs

We are nearing the end of the process of creating our documents for our SLOs and SGOs for the teacher evaluation model. You should have completed and submitted your EOCs and BOCs for approval (no news is good news; if you did not get anything back from me, your assessment has been approved). The next step is to give your BOC exam to your focus class, which you should do this week. The deadline for administering the BOC exam is Friday.

Once you administer the BOC exam, you then will need to identify your high, medium, and low kids from your focus class. Remember that this is based on prerequisite knowledge, and you should be thinking about this in terms of the preparedness levels of your kids at the start of the year. You set the cut scores for the three groups wherever you want for this test; it is up to your professional judgment how you want to determine who falls into which category. Remember that you may also want to draw from additional sources when establishing your groups, and you can do this at your discretion.

The SLO Class Proficiency Report is the document you will need to complete once you have given your test. This document is where you will actually write in the names of the students who you have identified as having "high," "medium," or "low" preparedness at the start of your course. You will find this form as an attachment on the PLC calendar before Wednesday's PLC. This form will be due Oct. 2.

This will be the final step in preparing our SLOs and SGOs. We will not formally revisit this until January, after you give your first semester final. Remember that the overall goal here is to move your "low" students to either "medium" or "high" proficiency by the time they take your EOC exam in May. You should be constantly monitoring your classroom data to gauge your students' progress and provide them the supports they need to make needed improvements.

Next week, we will review how to determine the groups and what will need to be submitted for your focus class. The process will be the same as it was last year for those who remember, so feel free to work ahead if you are ready!

Welcome, Mr. Craft!!!

What were you doing last year?
Teaching at North Judson-San Pierre High School.
What caught your eye about SC?
I saw how they valued education and the student body.
What was your favorite subject in school?
If you could be any animal, what would you be? Why?
Eagle, They fly to new heights and see even the smallest details.
If you ran into an alien on your way home from work, what one question would you ask?
Why did you choose our planet to come to and explore?
What are you hoping to achieve/accomplish this year at SC?
I hope to inspire my student to push themselves to always do better. I want them to continue in German.

Rachel's Challenge

Students will report to 1st hour as usual on Thursday, September 24. Teachers should take attendance right away, and we will begin to dismiss students to the South Gym via intercom around 8:05.

The presentation will be from 8:15-9:15. At 9:15, we will ask all students to go down the main N-S hallways to the north gym, where we will have set up some banners that all students will sign. Once they have signed, most will be dismissed back to 1st hour. 50 students will go back to the South Gym to participate in Friends of Rachel. The list of students who will participate in this will be sent out on Wednesday. Don't forget, you may nominate students for Friends of Rachel by using the spreadsheet I emailed out last week. Nominations are due by noon on Tuesday.

After the main presentation is finished, we will run a modified schedule for periods 1-4:
1st hour: 9:30 (or whenever everyone is back)-10:03
2nd hour: 10:07-10:40
3rd hour: 10:44-11:16
4th hour: 11:20-11:53

AK Smith Vocational Students will remain at South Central to attend Rachel's Challenge. We will assign them to study hall or other classes for the morning classes for which they are usually not here. In the afternoon, they are participating in a field trip in LaPorte, so they will be absent from afternoon classes.

The elementary is participating in Rachel's Challenge at Wanatah Elementary in the afternoon. Additionally, there is a community event at 6:00 (also at Wanatah Elementary) that everyone is invited to attend. I appreciate everyone's flexibility and support for this program, and hope that it is a wonderful experience for all of us!

Something to Make You SMILE!!! :)

Denise Barkow won a FREE trip to Berlin through the company that is handling her upcoming trip to Greece!!! Congratulations, Denise!!!