PCM Parent Education

Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Training

Parent Education: Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Training

Keeping Our Kids Safe in a Real and Virtual World

Brought to you in partnership with the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center and the

YMCA of Dallas

The statistics involving child sexual abuse are quite staggering – 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday and more than 90% of sexual abuse perpetrators are someone the child knows and trusts. Our presentation focuses on the parents’ need to “take the time to talk” to their children and that teaching children about “stranger danger” simply isn’t enough. In addition, we encourage parents to make talking to your child about personal safety on ongoing dialogue rather than a single event. By empowering ONE adult with child abuse awareness and prevention information, TEN children are protected!

Parent Education: Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Training

Tuesday, Dec. 3rd, 6-7:30pm

598 Old Custer Road, Allen, TX

All parents will meet in the elementary library. Child care will be available with an R.S.V.P. to main@pebblecreekmontessori.org
6:00 pm Drop off your children in the movement/music room.

6:05pm-7:20pm Ellen White will lead the parent education class on Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Training.

7:20-7:30pm Pick up your children from the resourse room.