Junk Folder

How to move Junk Email to your Inbox

Step One

You can locate the Junk Folder in the list of folders in Outlook. It may be near the bottom of the list. Click on this folder to display its contents.
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Step Two

Locate the email that you would like to remove from the Junk folder and send to your Inbox.
Right click on your email. Go down to Junk and the arrow next to it will open up another menu of options.
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Click on Not Junk
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A notice will pop up informing you that this message will be moved back into the Inbox Folder. Check the box next to "Alway trust email from" if you want to prevent messages from this sender to be placed in the junk folder.
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When you click OK, if there is more than one person attached to this email a box will appear with their email address. You can check or uncheck the emails that you like to go directly to your Inbox. Click on OK
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Step Three

Go to your Inbox Folder. The email that was in your Junk Folder should now be located in your Inbox folder under the original date that it was sent on.