SAT and PSAT Testing Next Wednesday

All 9th and 11th graders will test on Wednesday.

SAT and PSAT testing

On Wednesday, March 6, all 9th graders will take the PSAT and all 11th graders will take the SAT. There is no fee for taking the test on Wednesday! This is a great deal for our students. When students take the SAT on their own it costs $65. We're pleased to provide this opportunity to all of our students.

The results of the SAT will help determine college admission and scholarship opportunities for the 11th graders. The PSAT results will help identify strengths and weaknesses that we need to address for the 9th graders. We urge all 9th and 11th graders to do their very best.

  • Please arrive to school on time. You should be on campus no later than 7:50 AM.
  • Please be prepared to have your cell phone and/or smart watch turned off and put away for the duration of the exam.
  • Please do not bring food or drink into the testing area.
  • Please get plenty of sleep the night before.
  • Please eat breakfast in the morning before you come to school.

We believe in you!

Reminder: Creamology Fundraiser

Our Creamology fundraiser is today (Friday) and Saturday. Creamology is located at 13634 Burbank Blvd. Just let them know that you're with Grant High School when you place your order. Thanks for supporting us!