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Goals 2016

What's your DREAM?

Hello Leaders! This newsletter is going out to my DIRECT Team Leaders, Senior Team Leaders, Executive Team Leaders and Director.

We had an AMAZING week with our NEW KIT LAUNCH Pre-Sale yesterday and the enrollment of 19 new Designers! WOOHOOO! What a great way to kick off 2016!

I have a team page for WHOOT Leaders that some of you may be part of but in case you are not (I know there are so many FB groups and I understand if you want to limit it) but here is what I posted:

We had a EXCITING day yesterday and we're just getting started!! Continue to build on the momentum! There is still the opportunity for ALL DESIGNERS AND NEW DESIGNERS to get the GOLDEN OWL! Continue to share! Visit http://faq.origamiowl.com/faq-cate…/golden-origami-owl-faqs/ for all details.

*TOOLS...We've asked for it and O2 has delivered! I will be posting a series of documents that are now in the O2 Academy under Business Academy (at the bottom)>Leadership. These trackers will provide you with the tools you need to help you be better MENTOR and LEADER.

*Do you have your oxygen mask on? What does that mean? Before you start working with your team, take a look at the next 6 weeks on your calendar. What do you have booked? It is important to make sure that your business is still growing as you help those on your team. Are you practicing the Vital Behaviors? Did you print out the VB tracker? Show it to us! We will be your accountability partners! We will help to push and encourage one another!

*Is your SOAR event scheduled OR are you attending one? If so, make sure to register your meeting by emailing sales@origamiowl.com


(you may have done some of these already but if not, it's not too late to start!)
1) Print out the Vital Behaviors Tracker. BE CONSISTENT. Be like Nike...JUST DO IT!
2) Do you have at least 4 JBs in the next 4-6 weeks? If not, PRINT the ALICE list and start making your way through. If you don't ask, the answer will always be NO. Host your own JB, ask some friends and family members to help you..friends and family WANT to see you succeed! Set a goal of 4 JBs, 2 Fundraisers, 2 Take Out parties and 2 Facebook Parties!
3) Print out the trackers. Fill out the GOALS one for yourself and send to your mentor. I'll indicate the one I want you to fill out. If your mentor is not active, send it to your next active Mentor. If you are not sure, PM me and I'll help!

That is ALOT to do so we'll have until MONDAY to complete these tasks! We're going to check in to see how you are doing!! GOOD LUCK!! You've GOT THIS!!!!!

GOALS Worksheet - Return by 2/26

As mentioned in the above post, all of the tools needed to help you track your personal goals and team goals are now available in the O2 Academy. As I mentioned last week, I will start reaching out to those individuals who want to grow their personal business as well as their team. I am starting with all of my leaders first. I recommend that you do the same, start with your leaders and then work with the willing Designers.

Complete the Personal Goal Setting worksheet and return to me by 2/26/16. If I do not receive your worksheet, I will not reach out to you to have a one on one call. If you decide at any point that you are ready, just let me know and I am happy to get you re-engaged, restarted, reinvigorated, etc and we'll set up a call. Calls will be monthly for those leaders that respond.

I look forward to helping you reach your goals and dreams! It's up to you to take the first step!! Let's DO THIS!!

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Owl Think About It

We are seeing HUGE success with our Owl Think About It Facebook group and weekly calls! As part of your daily Vital Behaviors...who will you invite? The group is a no pressure zone place for people to learn more about the gift of Origami Owl, ask questions and see what we are all about! Who will you invite?

Lisa Weihbrecht, Senior Director