The Monster Chronicals

By: Elijah Lofton

~Story Break Down (Plot Summary)~

There was a group of kids, DeWayne, Daisy, and Michael have to deal with this mean teacher, Ms. Hardesty. They play around and get in trouble. They have to clean up a trash and they get mad. They find a black cat and put it in the teachers attic for bad luck. They soon see this big egg. They thing it is a fake but when there teacher is sitting on it, hatching it. They get scared. Michael gets turned into a monster by Ms. Hardesty and freaks out. They found out another teacher had a huge egg in his attic they were really scared. So soon the monsters turned into egg yolk and the kids changed back. Then Ms. Hardesty makes them a little surprise, a cake. Made from the monsters that turned back into yolk (The yellow stuff inside of eggs).

~Important Info~

Author: R.L. Stine

Publisher: Scholastic

Published Date: 2009

Number of Pages: 137

~Character Description~

The characters are: DeWayne, Daisy, Michael, Ms. Hardesty, and The principal.

The main character is, Michael. The characters (DeWayne and Daisy) are Michael's friends and his teachers. His friends make a problem they had even worse. The teachers made the original problem.


The man problem is there teacher (Ms. Hardesty) being mean and making the kids have to do community service and clean trash cans for goofing around in class. Then when the kids want to get there revenge and put a black cat in her attic, they found out a crazy secret. And since they are curios and keep going to look at it, they end up getting an even bigger surprise, turning into monsters.

~Title Description~

The book is called, "My Friends Call Me Monster", and it relates to Michael being called monster because he was mean and big. Then he actually gets turned into a monster. Which is pretty ironic, because he is called monster and then he gets turned into one.

~Book Review~

The book was very interesting and really taught a lesson. I felt it was a very good story. It could have been more intense and more funny. There could have been lots of Monsters and then they all found out it was a dream or something. The book deserves a 8/10. I really liked it.


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