Invasion of Soviet Union/Barbarosso

By: Maham, Ashlesha, Saloni, & Alina


The operations took place in Smolensk and Minsk, Soviet Union.


It was the German Nazis who invaded the Soviet Union. This battle was basically against Germany and the Soviet Union. Hitler, leader of the Nazis, thought it was necessary to pull off this operation in order to end the war with Great Britain and defeat the USSR.


It began on the 22nd June, 1941, and ended on 7th January, 1947.


The Invasion of the Soviet union happened "in the wake of Germany's stunning success against the western allies in France". Germany thought the Soviet armed forces weren't strong enough and thought that they were weak. According to Hitler "We have only to kick the door and the whole rotten structure will come crashing down." Joseph Stalin however, was not prepared for the invasion. Stalin didn't want to believe that an invasion against the Soviet Union was being planned therefore the soviet union was unprepared.


It was the invasion of the Soviet Union by Germany. This mission was code named Barbarossa. This was the largest military operation in history involving 73 million axis troops and 3500 tanks.
Operation Barbarosa 1941 invasion of soviet union(colour)