Current Socio-Political Climate

Resources and Links

Below are a list of websites with tools, lessons and articles to support you in navigating questions, concerns or issues that might arise in response to recent events.

Citizen & Social Justice - This website and resources are curated by high school teacher Jon Greenberg, who has dedicated his career to social justice and civic engagement.

Facing History - A non-profit organization striving to engage students of diverse backgrounds. Check out some of the teaching resources on the era of U.S. Reconstruction and its aftermath, which provides tools that link history to the events happening now. And, the newly revised core resource, Holocaust and Human Behavior, which gives powerful context to the resurgence of Nazi-era references, while also giving perspectives that allow students to avoid facile and false equivalencies and deepen their critical thinking.

International Literacy Association - Ideas and resources to help educators confront social issues in the classroom. ILA has complied some of the most helpful resources that they have seen circulating on the web.

American Federation of Teachers - AFT has assembled a list of lessons and resources if you encounter racist or anti-Semitic events at your school or within your classroom.

Teaching Tolerance - Houses many resources for teachers, counselors and administrators to respond when hate or racism manifest in school. They are also awarding $500-$5,000 grants for projects that educate students to thrive in our diverse society, promote a positive and affirming school climate, and help marginalized students.

Federal Flash - Alliance for Education posts frequent, short videos about new changes and developments in Washington. The link is direct to their recent Charlottesville post, and you can also sign-up for alerts when new videos are posted.

Twitter - #CharlottesvilleCurriculum - Type this into your Twitter search to find additional resources. Both educational leaders as well as teachers are submitting ideas, lessons and resources daily. Find what you need, and of course, share yours!

Some of the above came from a recent Washington Post Article. Feel free to read the article and discover more resources that they have included.

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