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Acton Weekly Update: 4/14/2017

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Brook Wessel-Burke

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Daily Transportation


Click on the link below for this week's PLC Feedback Form.



Link to the SOS Form for any students you need to start the SOS process.


Fourth Quarter PD and PLC schedule

Click HERE for the PD and PLC Schedule.

All dates are subject to change if necessary.

Nuts and Bolts

Please return the Volunteer Breakfast RSVP forms to me when parents return those to you.

Teachers, The message below went out in IC today. Transportation changes has been a huge headache in the office. Parents are making too many changes (AS I'M SURE YOU'VE NOTICED) and sometimes without our knowledge. Krissy works hard to update the transportation sheet all day. It is imperative that she knows of any changes and that you check this sheet before the end of the day. If you have any transportation questions, please contact her as early as possible in the day so she can try to contact the family, if needed. If you ever have questions on a child's end of the day transportation, I'd prefer to keep them at school versus put them on a bus to an empty locked home.

Tiger Parents,

We are experiencing an increase of transportation changes being made for students at the end of the school day. With that comes concerns of consistency for our students. We are asking parents to make as few transportation changes as possible. If an emergency transportation change does occur, please contact the front office AND the teachers before 3:00 PM. Please do not rely on only communicating the change with your child because we will not make changes unless we are notified by a note or phone call. Student safety is our priority but changes to transportation schedules creates a possible safety concern and we want to decrease these as much as possible.

Thank you for your support!

Mrs. Wessel-Burke

Proud Principal

4th Quarter Midterm Dates to know:


26 Midterm ends

27 Grading window closes

28 Midterms posted

Grade levels can start working on class placements any time. Go to the Google Shared folder. Choose EOY Procedures, Class Placements, Class lists sheet

ISTEP Teachers will have a TIPS Sheet, Attendance SHeet, Seating Chart, Interruptions Recording Sheet, SEal Codes and the STUDENT TEST TICKETS given to them on Monday morning.


Curriculum and Instruction

FTCSC DIBELS GOALS: Accuracy 85%and Fluency 80%

Ways to Respond to Independent Reading, Read with A Buddy, or Read Aloud Time~

1.) Which Character: Which character did you find most interesting? Describe what makes this character interesting to you.

2.) Main Message: What’s the main message of this book and how do you know that it is the main message?

3.) Main Message cont. How is the main message of this book similar to another book you’ve read or a movie you’ve seen? What makes them similar? What makes them different?


Student reads and records a selection. The student listens to the recording and tracks their errors.

The student then charts his/her reading rate. Student practices the selections 3-5 times and they read/record again and compare their rates.

Reaching ALL Learners

When it comes to success in school, mind-set is a crucial internal attitude for both students and teachers. A student’s attitude about learning is a moderately, robust predictive factor of academic achievement. Taken together, student mind-set and teacher support can form either a significant asset or a serious liability.


Hyperdocs PD Tuesday morning with Katie Reynolds in Lab 2 (next to LGI)!

Nadine is spending her entire day at Acton on May 2 &4. If you haven't set up Google Classroom with her, you are priority. PLEASE sign up ASAP!


Athlete Mentors

I've created a Google Sheet with dates and classrooms for student athlete mentors to visit. Please review the dates and find yours. They are listed below and are in a folder in Google Drive for you. If you have any concerns with the date assigned, please let me know. The agenda and schedule that the athletes are given is below.

What's Coming Up

Weekly Updates 2016-2017 : 2nd Semester


17- May 5 ISTEP Multiple Choice (grades 3-5 only)

21 All Pro Dads 7:45- 8:30 AM

26 Midterm ends

27 Grading window closes

28 Midterms posted

28 KG Field Trip Indy Zoo

28 Family Game Night 6:00-7:30 PM

29 Music Folk Dance Festival Time TBA


2 PTO Meeting 6:30-8:00

3-19 EOY Dibels

4th Fifth Grade Music Program 6:00 PM

8 Drills

9 5th gr field trip Symphony

10 Kindergarten Assessments

12 Kindergarten Assessments

17 Grading window opens

22 Kindergarten (AM) and First Grade (PM) Awards Celebrations

23 Second (AM) and Third Grade (PM) Awards Celebrations

24 Fourth (AM) and Fifth Grade (PM) Awards Celebrations

25 Grading period ends

25 Last Student Day (pending no snow days)

26 All Grades posted & Verified


2 Report cards mailed