Thank You, Dr. Ravi Pachigolla

Full Day Volunteered to help Brazos River Kids!!

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Dr. Ravi Pachigolla, ENT in Weatherford, Texas

Thank you, Dr. Ravi Pachigolla for donating an entire day to help the students of the Brazos River Regional Day School Program for the Deaf. In order for our educational audiologist, Kristie Henry to dispense brand new Oticon OPN Play Hearing Aids to all qualifying student, we needed an ENT to give us clearance for each child. We also appreciate your patience as we brought kids from all over our 31 school districts to be seen by you. (Pictured here with Christy Fugitt, Program Coordinator of the Brazos River RDSPD)
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Oticon OPN- Play Hearing Aids

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Kristie Henry, Brazos River Audiologist and Wonder Woman!!

Kristie Henry has been working for this day for years. She has been researching, planning, saving, negotiating, and praying for all the students of the Brazos River RDSPD to have the best quality school issued hearing aids, program-wide. The day has come!! You fought through chemo side effects, frustrations, and hard work and made it happen!!! Peop;e have no idea the preparation and organization it takes to pull off this multi-step, multi-district, and multi-day process!

Thank you, thank you Kristie Henry for making this dream a reality for the BRRDSPD Kids!!!!

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Thank you, Mandy Weydeck, Oticon Representative

While Kristie Henry was attending her chemotherapy treatments, Mandy stepped in and helped with both audiologic exams and making earmold impressions. I'm truly not sure how we would have managed it without her help. We also thank you for your presentation for the BRRDSPD Family Meeting in September where you helped us understand all the wonderful things this new equipment will do for our students.
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More People to Thank!

With the help of many people including teachers, parents, interpreters, communication assistants, transportation directors, principals/assistant principals, front office staff, bus drivers, coaches, subs, program assistant....too many to name, our kids will have the best technology available!!!
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Special Thanks to the Brazos River RDSPD Board Members!!

The members of the management board of the Brazos River Regional Day School Program for the Deaf made this all possible by supporting the efforts of the program and focusing on the needs of the kids! Thank you very much!

Samantha Abila, Dublin ISD

Leslie Ackmann, Weatherford ISD

Diane Fullerton, Granbury ISD

Melissa Graddick- Hood-Somervell Special Ed Co-op

Penny Hampton, Stephenville ISD

Stacy Johnson, Springtown ISD

Parisa Lerma, Palo Pinto Co-op

Missy Piper, Parker County Co-op

Donna Sanders, Central Texas Shared Services

Kim Tuggle, Weatherford ISD