As we ROLL into Year 2 of 1:1, we want to say...

As a thank you for your hard work last year, please "jam out" with these new premium accounts to use in concert with your students!!!

During Year 1, our focus was on becoming comfortable with the laptops as well as incorporating Google Apps and the preloaded Apple apps with your students. Now, we hope you'll integrate these sites in your lessons to "raise the roof" and have your students creating even more awesomeness!

Want to learn more?

We have included additional summer sessions for these sites on our CTE schedule. During these sessions, we will explore the features available, watch demos, distribute classroom account information (if applicable) and discuss ideas with others on how to incorporate the sites into your class! We will also offer additional sessions on these sites after school starts for those that are unable to attend during the summer.

In addition to training on these sites, we have also extended the selection of other CTE sessions relating to Google Apps, Discovery Education, and other websites we think you might find useful in your classroom practice. We hope to see you at a CTE session soon!