No More Reconstruction!

It's Tearing Us Apart!

What is Reconstruction and Why do Texans Hate it?

The aftermath of the Civil War left much fickleness in the minds of Texans. Their economy was in ruins, their money was useless, and they were faced with extreme changes to their basic way of life. Reconstruction was a long and tiring process that affected the social, political, and economic lives of all Texans. Social Reconstruction meant establishing a new relationship between whites and former slaves, political reconstruction involved writing a new state constitution that turned down the concepts of secession and slavery, and economic reconstruction called for a new work system to replace the institution of slavery.

What are carpetbaggers and Why do Texans Hate Them?

A carpetbagger is a person from the northern states who went to the South after the Civil War to profit from the Reconstruction. Texans hated them because they tried to get profit from them when they were already overwhelmed with the Reconstruction process and everything else going on. Carpetbaggers also took their money when they were already having financial troubles.

The Redeemers

The Redeemers were a wide-ranging group of individuals that consisted of wealthy businessmen, farmers and merchants. This was an all-white, pro-Democratic Party group, and they shared a general hatred for Republicanism as well as for the rights of African Americans. The goal of the Redeemers was to destroy the political institutions and race relations that were formed during Reconstruction.

Do I support the Redeemers?

I absolutely positively do NOT support the Redeemers. They are trying to ruin the African Americans lives. By no means should the African Americans be traumatized by these Democrats. They should have freedom, they deserve it.