January 2013

BEHAVIOR TASK - 1st person

You will put yourself in the place of 3 people and will do to them what you would like someone to do for you. Example: maybe you know an assistant who is very shy and does not talk to anyone and because of this you do not know her well. You put yourself in her place and get closer not expecting anything in return.
PROOF: You will write about your three experiences in your group in the community with photos and will send a copy, by email, to your Sister.

My Feedback:

É sempre tão bom poder fazer algo mais por alguém, é como aquela frase naquele filme "When we help someone we see the face of God..." :)

Sempre posso fazer mais por quem está há minha volta e o retorno é realmente gratificante!

Aqui estão as 3 pessoas e o que escolhi fazer para cada uma delas:

Comment by Silvia Candido on January 12, 2013 at 5:06am

Dear Godllywood,

I would like to share with you all my Behavior Task.

This is about the 1st Person I chose, her name is Sonja.

I have been thinking everyday about whom will I chose for this Task, who are the 3 people that God wants me to make a difference in their lives in some way... And today as I was in the Blacktown service, God showed me this lady, who is someone that have been coming to the meetings since almost the beginning, when we started the Work there. But the interesting thing is that in the beginning, almost 2 years ago, she used to speak with me about her son, almost every time she would come for the prayer.
We prayed together for him, who is 13 years old, and since she is a single Mum and her son was very rebellious towards her and getting involved with the wrong crowd, by God's help she could find a nice place for him to stay, it's like a school, but he actually lives there.
Since that, he changed completely and also his attitude towards her. She is really happy for him!

But then, a while ago she changed, she became more quiet even though she didn't miss the prayer every Saturday.
She used to say that everything was okay, but I could see that she was not the same... And when people closed themselves in, it's almost impossible to reach them. But the Holy Spirit is amazing, and He knows the right time for everything.

I'm sure He was working in her, and now was the time for her to receive a Word of Faith, and what a privilege that He chose me to give it to her!

Do you know my dears, that's why I love this group, that's why I love Godllywood, because maybe in a different circumstance I wouldn't hear God's voice concerning this lady so clearly, but because I was seeking and praying for someone whom God wanted me to bless through this Task, I could PERFECTLY hear His voice... How amazing it is! :)

But going back to where I was... She never really open up to much to me about herself, her past, but today after the meeting I approach her and told her that God put in my heart for me to pray for her everyday, and so I would like to know in which specific area of her life she wanted my prayer.

She gave me a smile, and straight away she told me to pray for her love life, because she is engaged, but she is not sure about that relationship and she knows that he doesn't love her. She is only with him because she can't bare the idea of being alone, so she prefer to be in a bad relationship where she feels sad and empty, then to be alone and to trust in God and wait for the right person.

This is so silly just by thinking of it, but that's how many women live, and they end up giving up on themselves and never finding the true person, the one that will be the love of their life.
She also open up to me about her childhood and how much she and her siblings suffered with her step-mum... She told me horrible things, really horrible that her step-mum did with them...

I will post the second part of my Task and the picture of her that I took today, in my next post, because otherwise I will be exceeding the number of characters... ;)

Continuing with my post...

... And while she was talking, I was thinking "if I was in a situation like that, sad and not knowing what to do, feeling low about myself, and finding it hard to value me, what would I want someone to do for me?" That's when the idea came, for sure I would love to, more than prayers or advice, someone to give me the V-Woman book.
To give me a change to discover on my own (and of course God's working through the book) that I have value and a value that is more worth that rubies! And also to discover that if I want I could also be that V-Woman that is happy and makes a difference.

And of course it was exactly what I did!! :))) I had my V-Woman book with me, which was as new, since I love to keep my books like that ;), and I gave it to her as a gift if she promised me that she would read it.

She was so pleased with it, her smile went from one ear to the other! :) I'm sure the book will bare much fruit in her life, as it did in mine first time I read it, and it keeps doing every time I read it again! :)

Here is our picture together!

BEHAVIOR TASK - 2nd person

Here is the second person I chose:

Dear Godllywood,

Here is my 2nd person of my Behavior Task:

The 2nd person I chose was Hawa, yes the Godllywood Candidate!
I chose her because of some personal things (that I will not mention here) about her, but above all, because she is on her own, and she is taking the Godllywood so serious... she really wants to be a Woman of God!

Please, I'm not comparing her with any of the other Candidates, I'm just saying it for you to understand why I chose her for my Task. :)

She doesn't have to much conditions, and she also doesn't know yet what to wear in a way that she glorifies God in it.
And by watching her I started remembering how I was when I started coming to the church, when I really wanted to change and become a Woman of God... I used to struggle so much with my outfit. I use to go every Sunday morning with the same pants and T-shirt to the service (because was the only clothes I had) and thinking that I was well dressed... It took me a very long time to really understand how to be more elegant and feminine.

And thinking about that I realized how much I wanted back then, just to have someone to come to me and help me in it, by giving tips, etc.

So I started to go through all the clothes I have in my wardrobe and trying to find somethings that I could give to her... But you know I'm size 12 and she might be a 6 or 8... ;)))))
So you can imagine HOW HARD it was! :)

But I found one piece, I found an elegant red cardigan to wear upon dresses... It's really nice and it's pretty small, so it would fit her perfectly!

And I also went through all my headbands, and I just kept 3 for me, the most simple ones (just in case I go through a bad hair day :) ) and I pick them all to give her.

I also sent her more than 30 different pictures with all kinds of outfits, Romantic, Chic, Elegant, Casual, Everyday, Summer Dresses, etc., for her to start discovering her style.

Wen I gave her everything she was SO PLEASED!! I think she hug me and said thank you more than 3 times! :)

It's so beautiful to know that in some way we helped someone, we made a difference in someone's life!

I loved that Task!

I will post some pictures for you to see about this Task.


BEHAVIOR TASK - 3rd person

The 3rd person I chose was my Mom and my young brother.

I chose them because I know how much hard it is for my Mom to understand that I cannot give her the attention she wants me to give to her.

Every time I call her she is always complaining because I don't care for her, that is like that she don't have kids at all.

And I know that they pass through a lot, but I also believe that God is taking care of them, and if it was not for Him, I don't know where would they be by now...

But she can't understand that, so I can only pray for her, and I totally believe that even if it is in the last minutes of their life, they will surrender to God and have their salvation.

So what I did was something that I know she will be very happy about it!

Some time ago I asked my brother if he had a Skype account, so I could speak with him and my Mom, and we could see each other, and that was something I know my Mom would love to do, I would really make her day! But he didn't know what Skype was, he only had messenger.

But about 2 weeks ago, I received an email saying that now messenger no longer existed, so everyone that had a messenger account would automatically be transferred to Skype.

That's when the thought came, to send a message to my brother asking him what's his Skype account so I could add him in my account, and also to settle a day to speak with him and my Mom!

I'm still waiting for his answer, but as soon as I speak with them online, I will let you know! :)

Here is a picture of my brother... I don't have any from my Mom! :(