Final Project

By: Gary Hall, Period 6, Media Literacy

Internet Privacy

Pros and Cons

+ Contact family and friends. Stay up to date with global events

- Cyber bullying. Lazy, unmotivated, and waste time / unproductive.

Information that should be kept private

1. Offensive comments, links, or videos. 2. Social security and phone numbers. 3. Location of yourself or your family.

Negative effect that a post might have on someone's reputation

Become depressed, outcasted from others, looked down upon, or a low self esteem


What is cyber-bullying? Give an example

When you intentionally harm others using the internet as a tool.

How does cyber-bullying typically escalate?

Through name calling, and threats.

What can the victim do? What can you do to de-escalate a potential cyber-bullying situation?

The victim can report the bully to the website, tell an adult, or not reply and feed into the drama. To de-escalate, simply ignore them, or try to make peace in person, and talk the problem out.

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Persuasive Advertising

Similarities and Differences between ads

Both advertising a consumable & both are good examples of effective persuasive advertising. Different because the pizza is using “best value” advertising technique, while the 5 hr energy is using a “new and improved” technique.

What the advertiser is trying to accomplish

That their product is the best one to buy, and that it’s worth it to do so.

Who is the target audience

Pizza: All of America. Energy drink: Hard workers/ dedicated laborers.

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Body Image and The Media

A magazine manipulates a photo of a celebrity for a magazine cover, making her stomach look much thinner than it is in real life. The headline on the cover reads, “Secrets to Staying Slim after having a Baby.” Do you think it is inappropriate or unethical to digitally manipulate photos? Explain your answer.

I do believe it’s immoral to manipulate body images for the public to see. First, because it sets unrealistic expectations on one’s body image, which may lower self esteem. And secondly, because you’re conditioning the public to believe that one body type is correct, making people feel inferior because they can’t live up to this specific idea of “beauty”.

What effect does the media have on gender stereotypes (such as boys being told to “man up” or girls told to “act like a lady”?

It makes people feel that their image isn’t accepted and valued enough by society. It may also cause social anxiety, depression, eating disorders, stress, or decline in mental health.

Violence in the Media

Sometimes, TV and video games don’t tell the whole story. Violent events occur, and then everyone seems to recover very quickly and live “happily ever after.” What effect does this have on children?

This teaches children to accept violence, and to not take it seriously. This may entertain the child at first, but it’s adverse effects include becoming a bully, being drawn into an abusive relationship, becoming more aggressive, and desensitized to real life violence.

Do you agree or disagree with this statement: Violent video games and movies teach kids to kill. Explain your answer.

Well considering the fact that an average American child will see around 200,000 acts of violence, and 16,000 simulated murders by the age of 18, it’s an interesting question. I don’t believe that violent video games and movies alone will teach a child to kill, but if combined with a “trigger” such as an abusive childhood, mental trauma, or being a victim of bullying, then it’s breeding grounds for violent behavior. To conclude, no, this graphic content by it’s self does not “teach” to kill. In a perfectly healthy child, this is not the case, it is however problematic when these images are accompanied by painful life experiences or a difficult childhood do games and movies become a factor for killing.

Media Usage

If you had to go a week without a device, website, or app, what would be the hardest for you to give up? Why? What would that experience tell you about the role that technology plays in your life?

The hardest thing for me to give up for a week regarding technology for me would have to be my phone. This is because I’m on it for a few hours a day, and frequently am using it to make calls, play apps, or look up information. This shows the interdependence that humans and technology have. Our modern day society’s foundation is technology, thus separating tech. from the individual creates problems, due to the fact that technology makes our life easier and enhances our quality of life.

Do you think teens feel pressured to present themselves in a certain way online? Why or why not? Is this pressure different for boys than it is for girls?

I do believe that teens feel pressured to present themselves in a certain way online. This is because, more times than not, all of our friend circles in reality also share the same social media websites, and we want to appear to be “cool” and “fit in” with these people. We all strive to be as presentable as possible, and are constantly influenced by our peers. For example, for guys, the “ideal” profile might consist of things such as hunting, sporting events, relationship photos, or shirtless photos showing as much muscle as possible. And for girls, things such as how pretty your photo is, group selfies, and how sweet and feminine you can be dictate your online reputation. Our profiles would be different it we weren't constantly influenced by others on what we should be.