What Went on in C4 This Week?

Week of December 7, 2015

This Week's Activities

Destination ImagiNation

We are still plugging away on our DI Challenges! The kids made a lot of progress this week. Some of the teams are starting to really see their big ideas becoming a reality! Below is challenge they are trying to meet!

TEAM CHALLENGE OVERVIEW: Your team is heading off on a journey. Where are you going? What if, at some point, you make a change in direction? Why did you change direction? Where are you going now? Are you going to the same place using a new path or are you going to a different place? With the help of your team-created map, the choice is yours. Tell us a story about your journey. The story should have a beginning, middle and end. With a team-created map, complete with a compass rose and map key, show us your path. At some point, your characters should decide to change their direction. At least two characters should have different ideas or feelings about this change in direction. Show us how your characters, with the use of your map, decide on a new direction to go.

Between the 4 grade levels there are 4 teams competing.

Goldilocks and the Mindblasters- 3rd and 4th grade

The Wolves- 3rd and 4th grade

The Smarties and Dum-dums- 5th grade

The Squigets-6th grade

The Princess and the Peas-6th grade

Ask your child about their team and how they are solving the challenge!

Destination ImagiNation Competition Date

As of today, Dec. 11th, 16 parents have weighed in on whether we should hold our Destination ImagiNation Mini-Competition on Monday, January 25th at 6:30 pm or Wednesday, January 20th at 1:00 pm. And here are the results so far!

Mon., Jan. 25 (night) 12

Wed., Jan. 20 (day) 4

I am leaving the survey open till next Friday, December 18th. If you haven't had a chance to vote yet, please do so as soon as you can!

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Next Weeks Activities

  • We will continue letting our creative juices flow during Rising Stars!
  • Our annual "Burn Your Mouth Hot Chocolate Party" will be held during break times next week! This is my gift to the kids. You do not need to send or do anything.

The Padlet sites have not been updated- we have been busy working!

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Mrs. Verheyen's new kittens! Ash and Soot- Yes, I am a crazy cat and dog lady!

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Robin Verheyen, Gifted Education Resource Teacher, Reeds Spring School District

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