The Nicole Pen

You have to have one!

Created by: Erin Solomon Speech 8-4

The Nicole Pen.......

The Nicole Pen is a pen that can copy down what you say on to paper. You speak in to the recorder and then you tuch the pen to the paper with the ball point, aply a little preser and the pen will right it for you. Or have you ever had a paper to copy down but it was three pages, and your teacher wont let you summerize the paper? Just scan the paper and vola you have the papers. If you need to copy it to your own papper just press the ball point to the papper, apply a little prusher and it will right it for you!

The Nicole Pen

Nicole Highlighter.

this pen also come in hilighters. they hilight what you want when you want.

Nicole Candy Pens

Enjoy a snack while working on homework!


Are shop is on its way! It is in the middle of construction but it will be soon! onec we are here look us up are name is Nicole.

Sore Opening

Monday, June 17th, 9:30-11:30am

1457 nine strightaway

The stores opening is opon us! Come see us!

Nicole Convention

Thursday, July 25th, 10am-12pm

6258 Orange TX

Come see this pen live!