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Library News: February 2014

February was a tricky month for all school students in our district; continuing cold weather affected days in session, and we also held parent/teacher conferences and enrollment. Still, the instructional time available led to some super learning sessions with students! Students in Mrs. Thea Britton's AP American History classes completed their National History Day projects and were able to showcase them by the end of the month.

Enrollment: Students Made it Work!

Every single 9th through 11th grader at Olathe East visited the library during February to complete enrollment with the aid of our awesome counseling team. Students logged in, chose classes, gathered necessary approvals for certain classes, and were able to complete scheduling for academic year 2014-2015.

Contemporary Issues = Olympics Information

Mr. Edward Doris, student teaching with Mr. Todd Keach, brought his students to the library to learn about different modes of researching their class-selected topic: terrorism at the Olympic Games. Students used an interdisciplinary approach to determine how the topic affected core areas of living, such as finances, government, and media. Student research focused on finding a wealth of initial articles that might be useful (using our online subscription database resources) and then re-reading information and annotating notes until a handful of resources were used to create a series of information-rich web pages.

Flippin' Good Fun!

Sophomore English Language Arts teacher Lindsay Stephenson held an open house this month to share her flipped classroom success story. She taught lessons throughout the day with an impressed audience of educators and administrators watching how she makes this type of teaching work with students. Many of her resources are programs and software that is offered through the Olathe East Library. It was wonderful to see her pull all of these tools together to keep her classes engaged and steadily working. Way to go, Mrs. Stephenson!

Circulation Stats

During March:

269 library items were checked out to students

51 library items were checked out to faculty
Total library circulation = 320 items

Total school textbook circulation = 380 items

The top 10 check outs for January were:

1. The House of Hades by Riordan
2. Allegiant by Roth
3. Catch-22 by Heller
4. The Death Cure by Dashner
5. The Eye of Minds by Dashner
6. The Poisonwood Bible: A Novel by Kingsolver

7. The Scorch Trials by Dashner

8. Artemis Fowl by Colfer

9. Black Boy White School by Walker

10. A Child Called "It" by Pelzer

Database Stats

A.R.T./Seminar Stats

During January, there were 82 class visits to the library for the purposes of instruction, computer and laptop use, book check out, and textbook check out. This number does not include students scheduled to use the library for enrollment.

Subjects areas receiving instruction included:



AP American History

During the same month, 234 students visited the library individually to work on assignments and projects.