The Vicious Cycle

When you say bullying is bad, you have said it all

How much do you REALLY know about bullying?

Bullying is a big problem throughout the United States and can cause people to to harm others, or take their own lives. There might be laws and restrictions on bullying in some of the states, but it's still happening. And it might be happening, right now, in your own home.

Types of Bullying


Cyber-bullying is a very common problem in this new age. Since everything is online, and for everybody to see, you can often become a target very quickly. The problem, sometimes has to do with sharing usernames and passwords, in fact, more than 20% of boys and girls say they have done so with their friends (Mattern,2008). Cyber-bullying is also a problem because you often don't know who the attacker is. He or she can make you feel insecure within your own home.


Physical bullying is when a bully abuses the victim by punching, hitting, sexual assault, or shoving. This type of bullying is more common in boys than girls because they like to engage physically to feel bigger and stronger (Kidshealth,2013). Physically hurting someone is bad because it can affect many aspects of one's life. For instance, If you injure someone's spine and they become paralyzed, they might not be able to lead a normal life.


Verbal bullying is when the bully picks on the victim by gossip, taunting, or teasing. This type of bullying is more common in girls than in boys. You might think that words don't hurt people, but they make you feel insecure, thus, it is bad, because nobody has the right to make you feel bad about yourself.


Psychological bullying is basically a mix of verbal physical, and cyber bullying. It means to make someone feel weak and unwanted (Mattern,2008). This is common in both genders since the purpose of bullying is to make someone feel weaker than yourself. When in reality, no matter where we are from, what we do, what we believe in, what clothes we wear, and what we look like, we are all created equal. Every single one of us.

The Real Deal

Bullying happens all the time, in many places, at different times. The two "main" reasons why people are bullied are appearance, or social status (Kidshealth, 2013). Many times, parents or teachers may not realize how extreme the bullying actually is or that it is even taking place (Kidshealth, 2013). Statistics say that more than 90% of Middle School students have been victims of bullying at some point of their lives, and 13% of students in grades 6-10 admit to bullying others (Mattern, 2008).

Risks of Being Bullied

People who get bullied live in constant fear. It has been proven that kids who have been bullied may suffer from low self-esteem, depression, or anxiety. This can cause further risk of mental diseases in their future (Kidshealth, 2013).

It's A Human Rights Violation

We all have our Human Rights. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights says we all have about 30 rights. Bullying is a violation of four of those human rights.

2. Don't discriminate.
5. No torture.
6. You have rights no matter where you go.
28. A fair and free world.

We are all equal and beautiful. We all have Human Rights. We all deserve to have a life and live it freely.


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