Dragon's rule because there cool!

By: lily (dragon expert)


Hello! Do you wonder how I got the info? Well your reading the right chapter! I got all this info from television shows and books! It is allllllll true! This book has lots of information on Tropical, Fire and Earth dragons! hope you injoy have fun reading! -Lily

Chapter 1 Fire Dragons

Fire Dragons are flaming hot heads! There fire is the hottest thing on the planet! exept the sun!! to befriend them just place a gentle hand on there snout! they eat meat! Thats it on the hot side! oh and DO NOT anger them (or beware!)

Chaper 2 Tropical Dragons

Tropical dragons are wet indeed! Make sure they get enough water, other wise you WILL be sorry! To befriend them, just brush their teeth! easy right? they eat nuts, like almonds. oh

they like the word, supercalifragilisticexpealadohshosh, Its a weird dragon I know. bye!

Chapter 3 Earth Dragons

There quite lazy dragons so keep them fed they eat grass! easy right? to tame them play with them be carful do not touch there teeth! there poisoness if you do? I do not know what it does...

Chapter 4 Food list!

#1 meat

#2 nuts (almonds)

#3 grass

I wrote this just in case you forgot their favorite food (or what they eat)

Chapter 5 ending

"So how do like Lilys Guide to Three dragons? Is it intresting by the way I think we are done! hope you