News From Mrs. C

Our class news for the week of Sept. 9th-13th

Tidbits From the Teacher

Hello There!

We are nicely settled into many of our daily routines around here. We still have a few assessment areas but second grade work is underway in all subject areas!

The class is lovely to work with and I really enjoy listening to their ideas, getting hugs, and asking them about their thinking.

Things to Do/Remember:

1. Go ahead and fill out your volunteer info for the year to be cleared for field trips, etc.

RRISD Volunteer Link

2. Send $4.42 by check or cash for Time For Kids periodical (checks made out to Sommer Elem. with driver's license number on them) **note or email coming**

Dates to Remember

Sept. 9th: Homework begins in second grade!

Sept. 10th: PTA meeting and School Club info @ 6:30 pm

Sept. 12th: Mrs. C is absent in the afternoon (Mrs. Salman is my sub.)

Sept. 13th: Mrs. C is absent all day (Mrs. Salman is my sub.)

Oct. 2nd: Picture Day

Oct. 29th: TAG Information Night @ 6pm

What We'll Be Learning...

Math- We will be pre-assessing everyone's understandings about telling time. I'll be checking out telling time to 5 minute increments, minute increments, am/pm, reasonable activities that take one second, one minute, or one hour, and distinguishing between analog and digital clocks.

We'll also begin setting up our math notebooks using the second grade expectations for showing and telling about math thinking. At this point, my focus is more on set up and understanding of how to tell me strategies used/logic for actions. Once we've established this as a class, there will be more differentiating for my mathematicians.

Science- We are switching to science so that we can set up our science notebooks and go over expectations and safety during experiments. We'll be discussing safe practices and proper use of equipment.

Writing- Students will begin their year of being authors by learning about the expectations of Writing Workshop. We'll set up our writing folders and jump into the fun of writing about our lives-the area where each person is an expert. (This continues for two more weeks because it takes time to set expectations and set routines for Writing Workshop.)

Reading- We began learning about schema (what we already have knowledge of) and making connections (how we think about reading and tie it to our lives, other books, or things happening in our world). We will continue to work on making connections while reading to show how we better comprehend the story or information.

While students work on a variety of activities tied to these mini-lessons, I will be reading with each student to have a base reading level for the start of our year and for conference forms.

Spelling/Handwriting- We will incorporate handwriting into our daily routine this week. Spelling will not start until all tests have been scored and groups have been established.

Class Wish List

-any books (picture or chapter) that you are no longer reading at home

-one copy each of Jon Klassen's I Want My Hat Back or This Is Not My Hat

-batteries for our flashlights (sizes D, AAA, AA)

Fun Friday in a Few Pictures