Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza Facts

It is located in Mexico.( It was built in the first millennium B.C.( If you're wondering who built Chichen Itza it was the Mayans. ('s in a shape of a pyramid with four sides and has a flat square surface on top. It has 365 steps, the reason why there was 365 steps is because it was the days in a year. It also has 52 panels, and 18 terraces.( The Difficulties in building it was because they didn't have metal cutting tools or "the wheel."(
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Here is where it is on a map

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Human Sacrifices

The reason why it was built is because it was for the "gods." The reason why it was built for the gods is because "gods like the taste of human blood." The only way to give blood to the gods was to do human sacrifices. How they did the sacrifices is first the person walks up the steps, (365 steps) then people put the person on a table (made of stone) while holding the person so they don't move. Then someone gets a knife like tool and stabs the person, if the sacrifice has been done right when they take out their heart it is still beating! Then they get the body off the table and roll it down the the stairs.( The Mayans also played a ball court game. The object of the game is to get a ball in a hoop up in the air. But you could only use the side of your hip no hands, feet, or head. It is said that the inside of a ball is a skull.(sacred If your team lost then your coach would have to sacrifice his life.(sacred

What we have learned

From these temples we learned how to build our own pyramids and temples from the architecture.(the sacrifices) It's a popular tourist site and visitor center. People think it's amazing One Of The Best Monument In The World.( Did you know that the architecture of the pyramids provided (made) the "Mayan Calendar" (365 steps means the 365 days of the year).(

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