My Trip To Fort Delaware!


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Looking around the Fort!

When I was walking around the fort,I saw a room that we could go in.When I got there I saw the coach and I thought it was so pretty.The coach was a pretty red color,and it had a pillow with it. I looked around the room and it had a table and chairs,But I liked the coach the best.
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On The Ferry!

The second picture shows my with my friends on the ferry.It was pretty cool on the ferry because all you can see is more and more water around you.I was on the top of the ferry and it was cool looking down at the water.When we were coming back it was cool too because you are close to the water.It is cool when you are close to the water and looking down at the water,when you are on the ferry.

My Favorite Part!

My favorite part was the ferry.The ferry is my favorite part because it was fun riding on it over the water.It was fun with my friends when we were on the ferry.I loved looking down at the water and I had lots of fun on the ferry too.It was cool on the ferry,I liked it on the top because all you can see is more and more water around you.It was cool when we came back and was on the bottom of the ferry and was close to the water.