Nuclear Fusion Press Release

Lillie Judge

May 6, 2016

At the Judge Lab, we discovered nuclear fusion can be used as an efficient energy source.

My name is Lillie Judge, I am a scientist working at The Judge Lab in Charlotte, North Carolina. We study and research new ways to create and use energy. Recently we have found a new source of energy, nuclear fusion.

Nuclear Fusion

def. a nuclear reaction, where atomic nuclei with low atomic number, fuse to form a heavier, singular nucleus and release energy

NUCLEAR FISSION- is when a heavy nucleus splits in to two nuclei with low atomic numbers, releasing energy.

The energy release from nuclear fusion is slightly easier to control than nuclear fission, because instead of exploding into smaller pieces, the nuclei condense and "clean themselves up" vs. "making a mess of themselves"

There are a few safety concerns: this source of energy is what is used to give the sun its energy, therefore, nuclear fusion produces lots of heat. At the moment my team and I are coming up with ways of how to prevent this/make it completely safe to use.

At this time we don't have a set price for the use of this energy, but we estimate it to be around $15,000.