Mrs. Votaw's Noteworthy News

Daily Happenings in Our Kindergarten classroom...

This week in learning

ELA-We will continue to learn our letter and sounds with Animated Literacy. This weeks letters are L,E,N,I,W.

Math-We will continue with learning numbers, the value of the numbers, and the written word. We will also be answering different word problems to get our brains thinking!

Handwriting Books

I will be sending handwriting books to practice letter writing with your students at home each evening. If you would practice a letter each night, that would be great! You could also follow the letter that we are learning about for the day. This will give your student extra handwriting practice at home!

1:1 Ipads

We should be getting our class Ipads by the end of the week to start implementing into instruction. If you have not sent in headphones for your child, please do so this week. I have ziploc bags to put them in!

In my opinion headphones work best. The earbuds are ok, but they tend to be frustrating for the students to try to keep them in their ears!

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STAR Testing

This week I will be pulling a few students each day to do the STAR assessment. It will give us a baseline for your student. Please make sure they are getting a goods nights sleep and eating a good breakfast!

Mrs. Votaw