Catching Fire

by Lauren Taylor

whats it about?

after wining the 74th annual hunger gamer katniss everdeen and peeta melark have to get ready for the 75th annual hunger games by giving speeches for each district but in one of katniss"s speeches she starts a rebellion which causes her and previous victors to be sent to the 75th annual huggergames ................ and you have have to read the book to find out what goes down :)

my favorites

my favorite character in the book would have to be Haymitch, Katnisses mentor because he has to be the smartest victor in the book but also most misunderstood and my other favorite charater has to be Cina, Katnisses designer because he gives Katniss hope and helps her rebel against the capital with outfits my favorite part would have to be when Katniss doesn't read the cards for Rues family tells them how she really feels
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire || TRAILER (fanmade)