Native Texan Smore project

The Tiguas

What did Tiguas eat and where did they live?

The Tigua once lived at new mexico but moved near present day El Paso. They came along with Spanish settlers who where fleeing the pueblo revolt from New Mexico at the end of the 1600's. They ate corn squash beans cacti and desert creatures. They farmed their corn squash beans and used sharp tolls to cut off the spines if the cacti to drink the stored water.

What did Tiguas live in. What tools did they use and any special traditions

The Tiguas lived in Pueblo's or Adobe's. They used bows and arrow's to hunt and hide shields during war. To farm they used bone hoes. The Tiguas traditions ended because they didn't see themselves as Indians but as Mexicans and new Tiguas only did the traditions because the elders wanted to but when the old elders died and new ones came the traditions were lost

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