4th Grade Newspaper

January 5th, 2016

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Enjoy our Elf Video!!

Have a wonderful break and a happy New Year!!


Calling all supplies...

We are running low on classroom markers, glue sticks, and crayons. Please consider sending your student with some of these items. Make sure they still have their scissors etc in their personal pencil box. We will continue to hand out pencils every Monday to all the students.


In the new year we will be reading a classroom novel and returning to our narrative unit!


We are moving back into narratives. We'll add adverbs to our toolbox of writing and expand on figurative language.

Have a wonderful holiday with your family.


After the break we will begin a new unit titled, Algebraic Thinking. Through this short unit we will represent problems with strip diagrams and equations. We will also represent problems using input and output tables and record the formulas for area and perimeter. This unit will only last two weeks, then we will jump into fractions.


Students will model and investigate types of soils by physical properties. They will discuss the difference between weather, erosion and deposition.