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Principal's Message


February 1st marks the first day of the second half of the school year. That's right we are now more than half way done with the school year. My first thought is wow! My 26th year in education seems to be screaming by faster than it ever has before.

I think about all that the students and teachers have accomplished so far and am so excited for them and then I think about all there is left to try to get done and it makes my head spin!

The half way point in the school year is also a great time to check in with your child's teacher. Some great questions to ask would not only be "How is my child doing?" but also "What are they best at?, How can I best help them at home?, How are their friendships doing?, or any other burning question you may have to support your child and their teacher.

We are all in this together and all want to see each student succeed, grow, and achieve. Together we can be sure to do this. One of THE key things to have students succeed is how many times their parents have been in to their classes, visited with their teachers, and generally been involved. You send a huge message to your students that you care about them and school is important to you.

As always I am always available with questions, concerns, or compliments. Have a wonderful month.

Mr. Fisher


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Free Breakfast and Lunch

Did you know that starting this year ALL students can have a free breakfast and a free lunch?

School Hours

Questions we get asked all the time are about our schedule. I thought I would share some important times here. Keep in mind that on Wednesdays all these times (except dismissal) are an hour later.

Doors open - 8:00 AM

Breakfast Starts - 8:00AM

Gate to Classrooms open - 8:15AM

First Bell Rings - 8:20AM (at this time students that are not done with breakfast are asked to take their food to the classrooms so they don't miss instructional time)

Please be here no later than - 8:25AM

Late Bell rings - 8:30

School Dismissal - 2:45

Dogs On Campus

I am a dog lover! I own two wonderful (and slobbery) labs.

That being said, district policy is to not have pets on campus. This is policy is in place for many reasons including fear of dogs, allergens, owners liability, and even sometimes poo.

This policy extends to all extra curricular activities on school campus even on the weekends. Thank you so much for your understanding and please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Upcoming Events


3 - Monday Muffin Morning (Kinder)

14 - Valentine's Day

17 - President's day (no school)

20 - 3rd grade music program

28 - Sprit Day (crazy hair)

29 - yes there is a 29th it is leap year


2- Monday Muffin Morning (Kinder)

5 - Joseph Gale Family Literacy Night - 5:00 - 6:30

6 - Kinder to OMSI

17 - St. Patrick's Day

18 - Confernces

19 - Conferences

20 - No School

23-27 - Spring Break