Neil Armstrong Elementary

Dr. Stevenson's Weekly News- Week 21

February 1-5

Weekly Plan-Culture, Communication, Collaboration


Well, January flew by and we are ready for the whirlwind of February! Every day I am amazed at the growth I see in not only our students, but in the adults here at NA. Give yourself a pat on the back for tackling change head on this year including Morning Meetings, Check and Connect, Fit Bits, Envisions, Imagine Learning, PLCs, ST Math, new report cards, etc......

  • Take about 5 minutes and read the RtI article at the end of this newsletter. I think it is a great refresher as we have passed the mid-year point of our PLC work. We are doing great work and I look forward to getting more of you trained in Minneapolis this summer.
  • FAST testing is complete and we will spend all day on Monday in PLCs reviewing the data and regrouping and analyzing interventions and growth. It will be a day full of collaboration :)
  • Thank you to the potluck committee for the Taco lunch on Monday! It was delicioso!
  • Keep working on getting parent teacher conferences scheduled! I know it isn't easy, but we have lots to share and it is worth it!
  • We have a new intern with us from St. Ambrose from 2:30-5:30 on M, W, and F. Her name is Karissa Alfred so please say hello if you see her! She is working with Rock It!
  • We have a 27th student starting in 2A on Monday so have posted for a four hour para for that room.
  • Our walkie talkies are back and programmed so please use them as a way to improve our communication across the building.
  • Take some time next week to think about our school culture. What are you doing to make it better every day? Even adults need PBIS so take a minute and say thank you to a fellow co-worker(s). You never know how far a smile and warm greeting can go!

Monday February 1

7:45 Academic Data Team w/Ardie, Deb, Carrie, Jenni, Ellen, Jodi, Danielle

8:00 Parent meeting w/Becca, Amber, Ardie, Lisa

8:50 2nd grade Literacy PLC w/Patty, Adrianna, jenni, Carrie, Lisa, Jodi, Amber

10:50 4th grade Literacy PLC w/Kate, Debbie, Jenni, Carrie, Lisa, Jodi, Amber

12:20 1st grade Literacy PLC w/Bonnie, Michele, Jenni, Carrie, Lisa, Jodi, Amber

1:20 Kindergarten Literacy PLC w/Jessica, Kathy, Jenni, Carrie, Lisa, Jodi, Amber

2:20 5th grade Literacy PLC w/Scott, Becca, Jenni, Carrie, Lisa, Jodi, Amber

3:20 3rd grade Literacy PLC w/Erika, Becky, Jenni, Carrie, Lisa, Jodi, Amber

3:30 Behavior IEP w/Becca, Amber, Ardie/Deb, Lisa

Tuesday February 2

7:45 Behavior Data Team for Carrie, Jenni, Danielle, Ardie, Amber, Brooke

8:30 Weekly school-wide assembly

8-4 Judie Caroleo- 95% Coaching visit for K-5 teachers & MTSS

3:30 5th grade boys' intramural basketball game @ NA

Wednesday February 3

7:45 Academic IEP w/Becca, Ellen, Ardie/Deb, Lisa

10:00 5th Quarter meeting w/Becca, Jenni, and Bettendorf Park & Rec staff

Thursday February 4

9:00 Morning meetings recording w/Colleen

1:00 Weekly instructional coaches' meeting w/Jenni and Carrie

2:00 Monthly support staff meeting in conference room for all paras

2:30 Weekly 21CCLC meeting w/Becca and Jenni

Friday February 5

7:45 NA BLT meeting

9:00 Weekly school counselor meeting w/Danielle

10:30 Weekly school office meeting

1:30 Elementary Principals' meeting