Thoughtful in Third Grade

See what is going on in 3M and 3D!

Reading Workshop

Throughout our non-fiction mini-lessons this week, students were focusing on the following learning targets:

  • I am learning to figure out unfamiliar words in a nonfiction text.
  • I am learning to understand the author's purpose in writing their nonfiction text.

Students took their nonfiction summative assessment on Thursday. Results will come home after break! Find a cozy place to read over break!! 300 minute reading calendars will be due in January!!

Math Workshop

Students spent the week studying the relationship between multiplication and division! The learning targets were:

  • I am learning to find total area by using a tiled model and the distributive property.
  • I am learning to use the Distributive Property of Multiplication.
  • I am learning to use area models to represent the Distributive Property of Multiplication.
Students completed the Unit 2 summative test over multiplication and division on Friday. Results will be sent home once students make corrections after the winter break!

Highlights for the Week:

Keep in Mind...

Monday (4th): 300 minute reading calendars due
Tuesday (5th):
Wednesday (6th):
Thursday (7th): Roller Skating Party in Lombard
Friday (8th):