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Announcing Route Planner Software for School Bus and Newspaper Routes

Fairfax, Virginia, (July 18th, 2013) – C2Logix of Fairfax Virginia announces route planner software that aids school bus and community transportation services to improve the efficiency of their routes. In most school districts, the drivers have the task of planning the pickup and drop-off route. Districts assume the drivers can come up with the most efficient route to keep the cost of transportation low.

Reality shows the drivers choose the easiest route, not the fastest, and not the most efficient. Simple changes to the route can result in cutting time and distance from the routes which equates to saving money. The high costs of fuel make transportation an expensive item in school budgets. Having tools to optimize the driving routes allows you to minimize this expense.

This same software is useful for all types of public transportation. Drivers of small transportation vans and buses can use it on the fly. The can enter the addresses of waiting passengers and quickly determine the most efficient route. This results in less wasted time on the road and allows the driver to carry more fares in the same 8-hour shift.

Newspaper delivery personnel can use the same method to optimize their delivery routes. Papers routes have numerous points on a variety of different streets. An inefficient route wastes innumerous minutes and energy. The energy may be in the form of gasoline for a car or the pumping legs of a delivery person on bike. Using the route planner program, you can print out the most efficient route to deliver to all the home and business subscribers. The added benefit of optimizing routes is it allows the delivery person to expand their route to more customers and still deliver papers on time.

Planning routes is not limited to these three examples. C2Logix offers route-planning systems to help utility companies, bus systems, package delivery firms, and any other types of delivery companies. Inefficient routes always cost companies money. The more packages and products you deliver the higher you savings become with good route planning. Trusting maps and a driver’s instincts is a sure recipe for poor route plans. They cannot take into account reported construction zones, new road openings, and changes in required deliveries on the fly. High quality route planner programs can adjust your routes almost instantly. You will start saving money, frustration, and time by following the best software available.

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