Zeus and the Eruption

How volcanoes came to be

Zeus and the Lover

Once upon a time a great god named Zeus came to the island of Fiji. He just left Ancient Greece. His wife thinks he is going to be on a business trip. There are more strings attached though. He has a person waiting for him, specifically a , lover.

Melina Okala, was a married woman also. Melina didn’t really love Zeus, but she loved the idea of being in power with him. Zeus new of the deceiving , but loved the attention. So he went with it. Zeus and Melina embraced. “Ohh Zeus, I lo….” The embracing words of Melina were interrupted by a loud “ What? ” It was non other than Manti Okala, Melina’s husband. “Zeus you just made a grave mistake”, Manti said coldly. “ Meet me on Mt. Honolulu, and I’ll give you a killing , of a good time.” Zeus left Melina and headed up to Mt. Honolulu.

Zeus and Manti

At the top of the Mt. Honolulu, Manti waited for Zeus. It didn’t take long, though. The mighty Zeus rose up from the ground. Zeus planned a fake fight, then ran at Manti, and faked his own ankle injury. This made Manti go in for the kill, as he raised his sword. Before anything could happen, Zeus threw a lightning bolt at the ground. This strike caused a liquid flame, called lava, and Manti fell through the ground, into it. This caused a huge eruption that engulfed Fiji in flames. Zeus fled, even though no one would be left alive to hunt him down.

Despite the flames and death, Zeus created a phenomenon known as the Volcano. To this day, volcanoes erupt through out Fiji, Malaysia, Polynesia, and the Hawaiian Islands. There is also a theme for Manti’s experience. “Never defy one, that has more power than thou.”