By: Bethany Wiggins # of pages: 294 Report By: Alex Perry

Waking up in a trashed house,

Fiona is alone in her worst nightmare. Her family is gone and she is attacked by her changed brother. She does not remember anything about going to sleep. Her last memories were of her teen years, but now as she stares at her matured body, she realizes that she is four years older than she remembers. Her once peaceful city has now become a place that is separated into two groups, the non-stung humans, and the muscular stung humans. These creatures have been attacked by a biologically changed bee. When a subject gets stung, a tattoo forms on their right hand, and they become muscular, rabid, and hungry for human flesh. Strangely, Fiona seems to know this, and as she looks on her right hand, she notices the mark on her hand. She covers it up with discarded makeup, and makes her way off. As Fiona scrambles for safety away from her former home, she encounters survivors, and they turn her away, scared she might bear the mark of the beasts. As the evening falls, Fiona gets chased by a group of male scavengers, only to get saved by a scrawny girl named Arrin. They travel together, but Fiona gets caught, and is imprisoned by a childhood friend, Dreyden Bowen. When Fiona, Dreyden, and Arrin team up, Arrin betrays them and hands them over to the governor.He , in turn, locks them up in a death pit with the marked beasts.......


Just.........don't give up hope

Point of View

The point of view is in 1st person. 1st person means that the book is read using "I", "me", and "my".

Theme of the Story and Application to Life.

I believe the theme of the story is to never doubt that anything can happen to you. Fiona found this out when she was remembering her past, how everything was perfect for her, and then looking around at the desolate, barren land that was once her home.

The theme of Stung is to never doubt that anything can happen to you. Many people in life walk around, thinking, oh, I will never get mugged, or hit by a car. This thought of invincibility can be dangerous and fatal to people. Fiona never thought anything could happen to her perfect family, but she finds out that both her mother and father are dead, and her sister under the control of the governor. Stung shows how, in a second, something so peaceful can be taken away in a SNAP. Teenagers sometimes think, if I take just one cigarette, I won't be addicted. But of course, this thought of invincibility is fatal. They can gain an addiction and later on die of lung cancer. Another way that could go is that they get caught, and they get arrested. Lessons like these should be taught, to never think that you or the people you love are invincible, because you aren't.

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The Mark of The Beasts