Issue 2 2016

Classroom Updates

Google Classroom has 6 new updates

  • Move a Post: Use the 3 dots on the assignment or announcement to move the post back up to the top of the stream.
  • Reuse Post: You can now edit and reuse a previous assignment or announcement. Posts can be from the current class, other classes or archived classes.
  • Post a Question: A 3rd option has been added to Google Classroom as to what you can post to the stream. You can now post a question, see how many students have answered the question and assign points for students completing the question.
  • Calendar Integration: A Google Calendar for each class will be created. Assignments with due dates will automatically be added to the calendar.
  • Optional Due Dates: Not every assignment needs a due date. Now you can toggle off due date when creating an assignment. Note that these will now not show in the “upcoming assignments” and they will not be added to the class calendar.
  • Attach a Google Form: Rolling out later is an easier way to attach Google Forms in Google Classroom. When browsing Google Drive for a Form, Classroom will automatically provide students with the live view of the Form to allow them to fill it out. A link to the results page will also be automatically linked in Google Classroom to make it easier for the teacher to view the results.

Tips to Share with Students!

1) Ownership Changes

When you TURN IN an assignment the teacher becomes the owner of the document. You can not longer edit the document unless you unsubmit. You must refresh the page once you unsubmit an assignment to let you type on the document.

2) Assignment Listings

You can find a list of all your assignments from all of your teachers by clicking on the menu icon in the upper left hand corner.

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3) There is an App

Google Classroom has a mobile app that lets you view your assignments and submit work from the app. You can take pictures of your work and submit the images. Some other apps allow you to send your work from the app to Google Classroom to turn in.

4) Documents Save Automatically

There is no save button on Google Docs. All edits are saved automatically so long as you are connected to the internet.

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5) You Must Turn In Documents

Click on OPEN on the assignment in the assignment stream to choose “TURN IN.” Sharing documents is not the same as turning in the document.

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6) Files are in Google Drive

You and the teacher will not lose assignments. Each assignment is saved in your Google Drive. It is also located in the teachers Google Drive. Documents are only shared between you and the teacher.

7) Due Dates

Assignments that are not yet due show up on the class tile on the home page and also on the left hand side. Late assignments can be found in the assignments listing from the menu icon in the upper left hand corner.

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8) Returning to an Assignment

There are multiple ways to get back to a file to do your work. Clicking on “OPEN” on the assignment in the stream will take you to a link to the document in Google Drive. In the same way you started the document, you can link back to it directly from Google Drive. You can also search Google Drive for the document. Try clicking on “Recent” on the left hand side of Google drive to see your recently edited documents.

9) Commenting on Assignments

You can leave a question or comment about an assignment in the stream on Google Classroom. Click on “Add comment” under the assignment. This question is viewable by all of your classmates. Private questions or comments can be left on the assignment submission page. Within the document you can use the File menu and choose “Email collaborators” to send a note and a link to the document to your teacher.

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10) Add Additional Documents to an Assignment

If you have documents or files to attach to Google Classroom that were not templates provided by your teacher you can “ADD” additional files on the assignment submission page. You can also turn in links to websites. Additionally, you can “CREATE” Google Docs right from Google Classroom. These documents are automatically visible to the teacher and are able to be turned in.