By: Bryce Utter

3 big ideas I have learned

  1. Oceanic currents are driven by several tides, one of them is the raise and fall of the tides; which are driven by gravity from the sun and moon on Earth's oceans
  2. Tides create currents in the oceans; that are near the shore and in bays and estuaries along the coast, those tides are called "tidal currents." Tidal currents are the only type of currents that change in a very regular pattern and can be predicted for future dates.
  3. Winds drive currents near the costal areas on a localized scale

2 questions I still have

  1. How can Thermohaline circulation create tides?
  2. How can Tidal Currents be predicted for future dates?

1 way the information in the article affects our daily lives

One way the information in the article I read affects our daily lives is by knowing how oceans tides are created and what they can do, and to keep us save because of floods and harsh weather.