Expressing feelings through pictures.

Art is both complicated and simple, abstract and intricate, uplifting and dark. It is also one of the most common ways of expressing one's feeling to the world instead of using words. Words can sometimes be hard to find, some types of art that help us with this problem are drawing, painting, music, or acting. In music and acting one uses others' words to get their own words out. But in pictures, words are unnecessary. One does not need to explain a drawing, they let others explain it to them.

history of art

History of Art at Oxford University

Inspiration For Art

Virtually anything can inspire a drawing. Many artist take advantage of feeling overly happy, horribly angry, or depressingly sad because when our emotions take over, our minds tend to mix those feelings with images from our imaginations causing a picture less realistic than the real world or whatever is going through one's mind at the moment.