D-122 Shipmates

Mrs. GH's & Miss Cartner's class

Winthrop Rock Wall....No Problem!

I was so proud of the boys today when we went to Winthrop. I was stopped three times around campus to be told that I had a well-mannered bunch of young gentlemen and I should be very proud. It was one of the BEST field trip group of students I have ever taken anywhere. They cheered for their classmates and learned what it means to beat their personal best records. It will go down as a highlight of my teaching career, truly.


They will go home TOMORROW, (Thursday)....sorry!

With coming in on two wheels from a field trip today, folders did not get stuffed and passed out to the kids. They will come home tomorrow (Thursday the 20th) Sorry folks! I tried, but I just could not work a miracle to get them stuffed in the last 2 minutes of school. Look carefully through them for several items of importance. There is a picture money envelope for Picture Day, October 2nd. There is a Yearbook Envelope for orders to be taken ASAP for yearbooks. (Last year we SOLD out, so order early!) There is also a permission form for Health Education that needs to be signed ONLY IF YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR CHILD TO PARTICIPATE. This is a hygiene and health class, NOT to be mistaken for a sexual education class. You can call Nurse Bosdell for more information, but I have never had anyone object. Please look through their folders carefully and as always feel free to contact me with any questions.


Monday, Sep. 24th 2012 at 10am

IHES Tech Lab

Students will do their very best on their Language Usage MAPs test next week, yay!


All 3-D Cell Projects are due this coming Monday! Students have great ideas about how to make their model of either a plant or an animal cell. An earlier digital newsletter came home about that this week. They must have the 4-6 required cell parts as detailed in their notebooks. Beyond that is entirely up to them. I can not wait to see what comes through those doors on Monday!!


Picture Day is October 2nd, make-up day will be November 8th!

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