My Family Tradition

Mattie Ritz

Every year on Christmas Day :

After we have opened up presents at my house, my mom, dad, and I travel to my grandparents house where we spend the day. We usually get there around lunch (early afternoon) so we eat a nice big lunch consisting of normally ham, mashed potatoes, pie, and more. Afterwards we will watch any football game that is on. Then we open presents, my favorite part. We open presents oldest to youngest and I am always the last one to open a present. When we are done with that we just sit and talk until dinner time. We eat leftovers for dinner and talk some more after. Then finally my mom, dad, and I go back to our house. I love that our tradition allows us to spend quality family time together. Also I love that we are able to bond over exchanging gifts. I would definitely do this with my family one day, because it is a special day that you should spend with your family.

Christmas Day Celebration

Friday, Dec. 25th, 11am

2124 Northwest 53rd Terrace

Topeka, KS

Tradition I would like to start:

I would like to start a tradition with my mom, dad, and I where every year for Halloween we drive to Kansas City and do their renowned haunted houses. I would like to start this tradition because my mother and I have always wanted to go up to the haunted houses, and I think we would really enjoy getting to do it together every year. We would leave sometime in the early evening. Then arrive in Kansas City in the late evening, and eat dinner somewhere. After that we would travel to the haunted houses and go through them. Finally when we were finished with all of them we would go home.
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Haunted Houses

Tuesday, Oct. 13th, 9pm

1300 West 12th Street

Kansas City, MO