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As a Result of Watergate...

-the first unelected president; submitted by Nixon as a Vice President after Spiro Agnew resigned

- issued Ford's Pardon to pardon Nixon for the Watergate Break In Scandal=accusations of a "buddy deal"= popularity and respect sank

-July 1975, Ford signed the Helsinki accords, recognizing Soviet boundaries

- eased tensions between the two nations

End of Vietnam War

- 1975, the North Vietnamese fully invaded of South Vietnam.

- Congress rejected President Ford's aid request for South Vietnam =South Vietnam fell

- last Americans evacuated from Vietnam April 29, 1975

- 1973 U.S. left South Vietnam to fight independently after fighting North Vietnamese to a standstill due to Nixon Doctrine

- war cost America $188 billion

- 56,000 dead and 300,000 wounded.

-America had lost foreign respect, own self-esteem, military confidence, and much of the economic strength that had made it a global leader after WWII

- America's international relations began to worsen; relationships with the Middle East and OPEC eventually led to the Energy Crisis and Iranian Hostage Crisis