News from the Art Room


Each year Farmington puts on a district-wide Art Show that highlights student work from kindergarten through 12th grade and this year's Art Show is Thursday night from 6:00 - 8:00. The Art Show is free and there's no scheduled program or anything--you come in, you mosey through the cafeteria, you leave. There'll be hundreds of works of art on display as well as student-artists demonstrating their skills. Concessions are available for purchase as well.

Below are this year's participants from Riverview. If you see any of these students please congratulate them on their hard work!


Camryn Albeck [Clay piece]

Carlos Cabrera [Rainbow painting]

Adriana Collaso [Flower painting]

Paige Johnson [Rainbow painting]

Adia Lien [Clay piece]

Halle Loos [Rainbow painting]

Brett Lohmann [Rainbow painting]

Abby Needham [Rainbow painting]

Olivia Schmidt [Rainbow painting]

Alexa Sersen [Clay piece]

1st Grade

Grace Hertaus [Jackson Pollock painting]

Lauren Jackson [Printmaking]

Gavin Lafferty [Jackson Pollock painting]

Lily Running [Still-Life painting

Sophia Nguyen [Printmaking]

Raegan Olson [Printmaking]

Drew Zwart [Printmaking]

2nd Grade

Avery Anderson [Tessellation]

Isabelle Larimer [Line + Pattern drawing]

Noah Mandala [Chalk Pastel smudging]

Madelyn Marquette [Chalk Pastel smudging]

Kiana Martin [Warm/Cool Hand painting]

Ashdyn Padelford [Tessellation]

Kyriakoula Tirokomos-Kotinakis [Chalk Pastel smudging]

Sienna VanBellinger [Warm/Cool Hand painting]

Krister Vigesaa [Chalk Pastel smudging]

3rd Grade

Tyler Beckwith [Texture painting]

Ava Bernatz [Self-portrait]

Cheyenne Clemen [Georgia O'Keeffe flower]

Moira Easton [Clay project]

Gino Garofalo [Self-portrait]

Addisyn Partida [Clay project]

Reagan Rausch [Texture painting]

Emma Schabert [Texture painting]

Hayden Strong [Texture painting]

4th Grade

Rachel Agerter [Mind-blown Drawing]

Hailey Hanson [Mind-blown Drawing]

Izabella Hemann [Mind-blown Drawing]
Evie Montgomery [Animal Scratch Portrait]

Olivia Mackie [Abstract Line Piece]

5th Grade

Olivia Cole [Photography]

Serena Contreras-Castellano [Paul Klee painting]

Madison DeWilde [Photography]

Dylan Dodson [Shaded Circle drawing]

Kya Hogan [Mask]

Paige Huling [Photography]

Alexis Lane [Paul Klee painting]

MacKenzie Mills [Mask]

Riley Minnich [Mask]

Rein Murphy [Photography]

Lauren Reed [Shaded Circle drawing]

Ella Rother [Paul Klee painting]

Faith Scheffler [Paul Klee painting]

Jordyn Shaffer [Photography]

Caidyn Swift [Photography]

Elise Wendt [Shaded Circle drawing]

Brandon Wilcek [Photography]

Shelly Witherill [Shaded Circle drawing]

Art Show Information

When: Thursday, May 7th from 6:00pm - 8:00pm. Come and go as you please.

Where: Farmington High School

Who: Everyone is invited. Bring Grandma! Bring the whole family!

My kid doesn't have artwork in the show. Can we still come?

Yes! I hope you do!

Is there a program or something?

No! It's like an art gallery. You come and walk around.

Is there like, a dress code, or something? Do we need to dress up?

Goodness no!

More questions? Let me know!