4th Grade News

Mrs. Graver ~ January 18, 2018

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Knowledge is our SUPERpower!

Dear Families,

We have had lots of absences due to illness. Just a reminder that if a student has been absent due to illness, he or she has the same number of days gone to complete missing work. For example, if three days were missed, all work is expected within three days. This can be daunting as the regular work continues. thank you for your support in helping students meet their responsibilities as 4th graders.

Also, this is a time of year when individual supplies are dwindling especially whiteboard markers. Please check with your child and make sure they have everything they need.


Learning Focus


Multiplication by 2 digit number test was Wednesday

* Division with and without remainders


*Identify the sequence of events in an informational text

*Identify and use the suffixes -ion, -ation, & -ition


*Define speed and velocity

* Calculate and graph average speed

Social Studies

*Describe the everyday life of the first people


First Commandment test today