Johannes Kepler

PRE 1900

About Johannes Kepler

Johannes Kepler ( 1571 - 1630 )

Johannes was a mathematician but one day gave up being a mathematician to look at how the planets revolved around the sun and figured out that the planets don't do a circular orbit they do a elliptical orbit .


( 1571 to 1630 ) Mr Johannes Kepler is a German astronomer that discovered that planets revolved around the sun in a elliptical orbit , not a circular one . They called this the Laws Of Motion this was made in 1611. In 1631 Kepler predicted the transit of Mercury and successesed


The technologies used were compass ,ruler, photograph of solar system and a lot of maths.

Knowledge And Understanding Of The Solar System

Us humans now see the planets of solar system revolve around the sun in a elliptical orbit and if it were not for Johannes Kepler we would all still be saying the plantes circle around the sun but they don't .