Team 4:13 Extended

The amazing GEN 0 of Gina Mortimer

Wow! Just wow! You all rocked my world!

March Sales
3. Anita Keaton $676
2. Amy Day $1,056
Top on sales for the month of March was Deborah Lewis with $1,080

March Recruiting
Susan Taggart-1
Autumn Jones- 1

April Sales
3. Laura Mestan $681
2. Amy Day $694
Top in sales for the month of April was Anita Keaton with $1,007

May Sales
3. Christina Sawyer $1,416
2. April Tyson $1,448
Top in Sales for the month of May was Deborah Lewis with $1,680

May Recruiting
Anna Johnson

If your June is anything like May you are about to have an incredible month! Here is the stats for the last few months. I am incredibly proud of all of you and all your hard work. Great job everyone! I hope you are ready for summer because it is going to be great fun and a busy selling season!

Gina Mortimer, Your Thirty-One Gifts, Sr. Director

Please know that you can reach out to me at anytime. I am here for you to answer your question and help you grow!
Customer Special June 2016