CYOC Mini project

Human Condition in North America

Are there individual freedoms?

In the Government we have basic rights or amendments. There is a list of the rights an individual has such as, freedom of speech, the right to a trial, the right to bare arms and etc.

Where are they getting their food?

In North America most of our food comes from stores or markets. They start, however, in large fields or plants. Some of the food is grown and put together right in our own Earth, other times, the goods are imported from all over the world. Because of this we have a diverse amount of food.

What is the family structure like?

The thing about North America is that no two families are the same. Some families set strict rules and standards others let their children do and act whoever and whatever they would like to. Some families have been ripped apart at the seams because of divorce, death, abuse or other traumatic events. So to sum that up, not all families have strong bonds.

What is the education system like?

Most times you start out in preschool, then elementary , then middle, high school and some kids go beyond and go to collage.

Are people happy and healthy?

As Everything it depends. Some people don't like our president and his dissensions so they are upset. Some people don't like a certain right (such as gay rights and such.)

Are people safe and secure?

Most times in America our home is safe because of the military and police protecting us.

What is daily life like/What is it like to be a young adult/What obstacles do people face?

It varies for people. Some have a worse or better life than others. Most times things like divorce ect.