Uncle Tom's Cabin

By Yasin G. and Amy L.


Cultural Interactions in the 1850's between free whites and African Americans were strained, and there was a strong sense of African inferiority prevalent in mass media.
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Anthony and Ellis' Famous Ideal

This advertisement represents the inferiority of African Americans by portraying an African American woman who is barefoot and in drab clothing; The caption under her says she is "wicked" or evil and dirty.
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Hoyt's German Cologne

This advertisement for Hoyt's German Cologne shows a young white child in the middle of a pristine pink rose. Like the pink rose, the white child represents "pureness" and "beauty" in the advertisement. This advertisement represents the white race as being accepted and appreciated.

Amy Lim's Answers

a. During the early 1850's there was a different idea on being a self-made man, because what made a,"man," during this time was how they treated others, how much money a person had, and what they owned.

b. The people during this time created a very distinct and segregated community through media outlets, such as newspapers and plays which was surprising, because I would think that those people would be more respectful of others, instead of being flamboyant about their possessions and social status.

Yasin's Answer

A During this time period African Americans were seen as evil and wicked, and were deemed unworthy to be apart of society. In mass media, African Americans were ridiculed and portrayed in a negative light. Many African Americans were labeled as uneducated, savage, or inferior to whites. The use of media to represent African Anericans in a negative way further strained social positions.

B The most surprising thing in the images I examined was the degree of blatant and disrespectful racism. Things such as blackface and hurtful captions were seen as normal and "okay" to use in media. What stood out the most to me was the caption " Golly is so wicked" , this caption was under the illustration of an African Ametican Female- this caption is outright disrespectful and rude to say to anyone because of race.