The followers of Judaism

By Shaleya Jackson 5 period


The Jewish religion is based on a single belief in a single all powerful God. Judaism is not just a religion, but both a religion and culture. Followers of Judaism and God are called Jews

The difference between Judaism & Christianity

Christianity came from Judaism; therefore the two religions have many similarities a few and few differences. some examples are: the bible for Christians is divided into 2 sections The Old Testament & The New Testament. That is completely different in Judaism which consist of the Law, Prophets and The Old Testament. As for their original languages Jews spoke in Hebrew and Christians spoke in Greek and Aramaic. As for today in time we

usually both speak in English. Over all besides these few here there are many differences and similarities theses two religions have.

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Saint Paul's College, Washington,DC.

Why so badly treated

Through out time Jews have been treated baldy for a long time. One of the most horrific times when Jews were treated horribly was at the time of the Holocaust. Nazis hated Jews and thought they were evil. At the beginning they just made life hard for Jews. Then later on they sadly started killing off the Jews. Overall they were strong people who did struggle to survive and kept the faith in their religion