June Cub News

Caring Staff ~ Quality Instruction ~ Purposeful Learning

Super Cub Pawgress ~ Goal...400 Paws in June!

Check out these results! We collected 7,559 paws this year! Last year we collected 3,782! WAY TO GO, CUBS!

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You can see from the graph below how the implementation of the staff incentive program paired with the booster lessons more than doubled the amount of paws received.

Please turn in your paws weekly to Terrann. We will be placing our drawing at the end of the month. Our goal for June is 400 paws!!! Students and staff will receive an extra water day in July if we meet our goal!

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Rigor and Relevance ~ The Learning Continues!

Earlier this week, Terrann emailed out the curriculum calendar. We will continue to focus on our daily jolly phonics, read alouds, and provided facilitated learning activities during small group instruction (even though it's summer!). Several parents last summer demonstrated concerns with the number of water days occurring and lack of instruction taking place in the classrooms over the summer months. Parents are continuing to pay for an educational experience over the summer months.

Due to parent feedback and our continuous focus on preparing our students for kindergarten, each classroom may only sign up for one water day per month (June and July). Students have an opportunity for water play through the indoor and outdoor sensory tables daily.

Sign up for your water days at:


Early Room Arrival

Tomorrow, students will be seated by their kindergarten classroom with cones at each table to help with the transition to the kindergarten rooms after breakfast. Please make sure students have name tags on for the first week of summer school.

Instructional To Do List

Lesson Plans - must be posted on family board each Monday morning for that week's lessons

Super Cub Expectations - review all videos and expectations

Don't forget to hand out those paws!!!

Safety Videos:

Fire Evacuation ~ Fire Drill is THURSDAY! :)

Hold / Lock Down (Intruder)

Lost Child


Summer Camp Classes ~ Tuition Preschool

3s & 4s Classes

Week of June 8th - Cheer & Tumbling Clinic ~ Sensory Room; 10-10:30

Week of June 15th - Swimming Lessons ~ Aquatic Center; 11-11:30

Week of June 22nd - Biddy Soccer ~ Upstairs MPR; 10-10:30

Week of June 29th - Biddy Tennis ~ Upstairs MPR; 10-10:30

Pre-K Classes

Week of July 6th - PreK Soccer ~ Upstairs MPR 10:10:30

Week of July 13th - Swimming Lessons ~ Aquatic Center; 11-11:30

Week of July 20th - PreK Dance Summer Camp ~ Sensory Room 10-10:30

Week of July 27th - PreK Cheer & Tumbling ~ Sensory Room 10-10:30

Late Room Schedule

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Lost Child - Counting & Calling Names prior to Transitions

As a reminder, teachers should be counting students and calling names with the transition sheets throughout the day in the classroom, as well as when leaving the classroom or other location in the building. Just counting students alone doesn't guarantee you have all students with you. Keeping our students safe is the top priority at Gerner!

June Calendar

Monday, June 1 ~ First Day for Tuition, Kindergarten and ESY

Tuesday, June 2 ~ First Day of ESY for Autism classrooms

Thursday, June 4 ~ Fire Drill 9:30 a.m.

Friday, June 5 ~ Angie and Amanda training

Monday, June 8 ~ Tuesday, June 9 ~ Angie in Kearney (vacation day)

10:00 a.m. ~ 3s & 4s Cheer Tumbling Clinic (Sensory Room)

Wednesday, Jun 10~Thursday, June 11~ Angie & Terrann presenting at MO-PBIS Conference

10:00 a.m. ~ 3s & 4s Cheer Tumbling Clinic

Friday, June 12 ~ 10:00 a.m. ~ 3s & 4s Cheer Tumbling Clinic

Monday, June 15 ~ 11:00 a.m. ~ 3s & 4s Swim Lessons (Aquatic Center)

Tuesday, June 16 ~ Angie's last day

11:00 a.m. ~ 3s & 4s Swim Lessons

Wednesday, June 17 ~ Friday, June 19 (Julie acting administrator)

11:00 a.m. ~ 3s & 4s Swim Lessons

Monday, June 22 ~ Friday, June 26 (Julie acting administrator)

10:00 a.m. ~ Biddy Soccer (upstairs MPR)

Monday, June 29-Thursday, July 2 (Julie acting administrator)

10:00 a.m. ~ Biddy Tennis (upstairs MPR)