Bel Air Elementary Faculty News

Sept 19, 2016

Upcoming Events

Monday, Sept. 19: LPAC training/meeting in the cafeteria at 3:30 (invitations were sent if you need to be there)

Monday, Sept. 19 and Monday Sept 26: E-Sped training with Mrs. Mahan in the library at 3:30. New teachers need to come to one of these, all other teachers should come if they need a refresher! Bring your laptop!

Wednesday, Sept 21: Picture Day

Thursday, Sept. 22: It's National Ice Cream Cone Day! Treats in the Lounge!

Monday, Oct. 3: No School -Parent/Teacher conferences

Thursday, Oct. 6: Flu Shots

Friday, Oct. 7: Awards Assembly


  • Teachers -Remember to use the time when a para is in your room to pull your most needy students. While you're doing that, the para should be monitoring/helping your class or working with another small group. This is a great way to differentiate (see T-TESS info below).
  • Erin York will be on our campus Tuesday! She'll be in Robin Allen's room so you can come see her during your conference time. Be ready with your questions on Chrome Books, Mimio, and all things instructional technology!
  • Playground Reminders: Remember to walk around and monitor your students to prevent behavior issues and potential injuries. Keep an eye on the temperature as well -don't take students out if it's too hot (see handbook).
  • If you are sick and need a sub at the last minute, please text me, Kristin and Patricia so we know there's an immediate need. Don't forget to put it in Aesop as well!
  • Promote attendance with your students - Remind students how important it is for them to be here and that your class may win a prize each six weeks for having the highest percentage of attendance!
  • Call parents if a student has been absent for 2 days in a row and you haven't heard from them. Document this call and email Kristin with what you've learned.
  • Sign up to be a College Wednesday guest speaker! It's a great way to promote college!
  • Want to do a Tuesday Book Talk during announcements and donate a new book to our library? Please sign up here to encourage a love of reading!

Tech in the Classroom

*Don't forget to utilize the technology we have available to enhance your lessons. Read the email reminders Kristin sent last week about checking out tech carts and signing up for computer lab time on Fridays. This is another great way to differentiate for your students (see T-TESS info below)!

Google Tips: