Room 113

Weekly Update - March 25, 2015

Field Trip Reminder

A reminder that tomorrow is our field trip to Humber Arboretum! We are looking forward to a day outside learning about birds and their habitats and about maple syrup production. Unfortunately, the weather report is not looking good. It is calling for light rain. Please send you child with clothing appropriate for being outside most of the day. This includes;

boots, or rainboots

snowpants/slushpants and jacket

hat, mitts/gloves, scarf/neckwarmer

Please also send your child with a packed lunch with a few snacks for morning and afternoon. We will be taking our backpacks on the trip with lunches inside. If you wish to send an extra pair of mittens or socks for the day please do so in their backpack.



We are extending the due date of Scholastics orders to Monday, March 30. If you or your child wishes to place an order please ensure that it is sent in by that day in communication folders.

Thank you.

Show and Tell - Alphabet Book

We are working on creating a classroom alphabet book from the shared writing produced during show and tell. Our theme was 'an object from home that starts with the same letter as your first name.' We have compiled a book with just words describing each child's object, however we have no pictures! We will be sending home pages from the book next week for your child to share the writing from their show and tell day. Please have them draw a picture in the space indicated about their show and tell object. Once we have collected all pages back at school we will have a new personalized book to add to our classroom library!

Thank you!

Show and Tell Theme for April and May

We will have a new Show and Tell theme for April and May.

Please send your child to school with their favourite book from home. They will need to be prepared to discuss why it is their favourite book and their favourite part of the story. We only spend 15 minutes on show and tell at the end of the day, so it might be difficult to read the book if it has more than 3 or 4 lines per page. Please help your child select an appropriate book that we could read in a 15 minute period.

Thank you!

Arrival Time Reminder

A friendly reminder about dropping your child off to room 113 in the morning. As we are located in a very busy hallway of the school it is necessary that you say goodbye to your child at 9:00 outside exit 4. If you are earlier than 9:00, please drop your child off outside at exit #4 where I will pick them up at 9:00. If you are later than 9:00 please sign in at the office and get your child a late slip, then drop them off at their cubby. We are working at streamlining our morning routine and your cooperation and patience is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.