So you want to go to Thailand?

All the info you will need about Thailand and its religion


While visiting Thailand, make sure not to where any thing sleeveless or short no matter how hot it may get. Most people in Thailand think that that would be disrespectful. Also where shoes that can be removed easily because you are not allowed to wear shoes or socks in Buddhist temples. In Thailand people think socks to be poor and tacky therefore I would recommend sandals. Also if you are a female bring a skirt, it is disrespectful to wear pants 24/7. Overall I would say to wear very modest, and conservative cloths while visiting Thailand.


In Thailand there are certain foods that you should not eat. One thing you should not have is sandwiches. Also you should not eat meat. According to buddihsts eating meat will give you bad karma.


A big majority of Thailand is buddihst, 95% of the population is.

The best time to visit.

A fun time to go would be during vesak. Vesak is the Buddhas birthday. It happens during the first full moon in May. You celebrate it by going to many festivals.
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